Mighty Hounds Harnesses features

Embark on a fantastic walk with your furry companion using the Mighty Hounds Harness, equipped with a ton of amazing features!

  • It's perfect for even the strongest and most playful dogs.
  • The reflective trim provides extra visibility for nighttime walks, ensuring both safety and style!
  • A handy control handle on the back for training and enhanced control, ideal for outdoor adventures with your dog.
  • Completely customize the fit for your dog by adjusting both the neck and chest - achieving the paw-fect fit!
  • Attach your pup's ID tag to the D-ring on the front, or use it for training by attaching the lead - either way, it's a versatile and essential feature!
  • A D-ring is also found on the back for the Lead.
  • 2 lockable buckles for added security on each side of the waist
  • Your furry companion will feel oh-so-comfy with the padded mesh lining that's not only breathable but also dries in a jiffy!