About us

Mylo and Mas Boutique is an Irish owned small business run by two women Martina and Michaela, that started as a quest to bring more stylish and comfortable dog accessories to Ireland's fashion scene. Established only in November 2023, our products have already made a splash around the world, shipping now to destinations such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and even India! 

So why dog accessories? Well, it all started a while after we got our little pug, Mylo. We bought him his first ever pom necklace and a few harness designs that we liked from abroad, because the supply here in Ireland was not the largest, but the amount we paid for shipping and customs just made us think twice. Why should we be paying so much if we are well capable of creating designs that we really loved ourselves? Now this was a concept that was bouncing around in our minds, but we were hesitant to dive in and invest a lot into starting our own business. We were both employed and uncertain if we could handle the undertaking. At first we joked about quitting our jobs and starting a business, but shrugged it off with concerns and doubts of its feasibility. However, as time went by, our desire to actually do it grew stronger. Then, in late May of 2023, after a trying day at work we sat down and went straight into planning everything to see if it was even possible. We finally stopped joking and took the plunge. One of us quit our job that very day and we spent all of our time since then turning this dream into reality. We work hard and put everything we have into getting our business off the ground. We love coming up with new designs and ideas, it is something that we really enjoy doing and that's the main thing. Though we're just getting started, we're already having a blast and it's the best choice we've ever made!

Our hope now is to continue growing and designing even more colourful and fun designs for our beloved fluffy customers. We put our heart and soul into each and every design and craft we create, striving for perfection and that is how we earned out very first award - the 2024 Global Recognition Award! You can read more about it here.